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squirtle is my favorite pokemon and I suck at most things I do. welcome.

this blog could be about everything and anything. I don't know what it's about yet, why don't you follow.

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please ask.

It’s NORMAL to be sad sometimes.

Why bother? Because so many people care about you, and love you more than anything and I for one know I couldn’t live a single day without you after being with you because I KNOW nothing or nobody will EVER make me feel the way you do.
Depression is something that happens, it’s a sickness that eats away at you and there isn’t always a reason but I hope you know that you can always talk to me about it.
I wish you wouldn’t think that I think you’re “whinging” or bothering me, I want to help you with whatever you’re facing because in my mind your problems are mine too. You’re happiness is my happiness and if you’re upset I’ll help you through it with everything that I have because I love you more than I could’ve ever imagined I could love someone.”


I told her how I feel and after all this I STILL feel the same way I do? What the FUCK is wrong with me, please someone fucking tell me because I’m so fucking close to shooting or overdosing on something.  

I hate myself.

I wonder what it feels like to have someone that want’s to impress you.. 


..getting the hang of this, although still unsure how to get people to see ‘this’

I’m seeing a theme of me tumblring(?) around 2am - woops. How nocturnal. These nights, which when I was much younger used to be a challenge to see if I could attempt to stay up all night have quickly turned into a bad habit. Why do I get this little creative influence that I get, past midnight? lame. 

I love night time though, 

lol i should probably sleep.

view from my bedroom window,

view from my bedroom window,

Desktop photo I took.. on Mars?This website is actually pretty cool  

Desktop photo I took.. on Mars?

This website is actually pretty cool  


2:47am and my mind and stomach ace and tell me I’ve done something wrong - but then I’m told I differently. Despite the words and tones would say quite the opposite.

I’m just overthinking again, it’s that time of night. 

best quality photo I can take awhile my digital slr is out. how awful. 

best quality photo I can take awhile my digital slr is out. how awful.